CBD Oil Benefits: How CBD Works As A Therapeutic Drug

CBD Oil Benefits: How CBD Works As A Therapeutic Drug

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The studies about the medical benefits and values of cannabis plants are spreading across the world. In the US, more and more states have been legalizing it, from recreational usage to medical usage. As for that, the CBD oil benefits have gained popularity as a therapeutic drug to cure and treat different types of common health issues.

Cannabidiol or better known as CBD is one of the hundred compounds that can be found in the plant along with THC. This compound does not contain any psychoactive properties like its cousin THC. Unlike using prescribed medications, CBD has no mind-altering effects and has fewer side effects. 

There are different types of products that an individual can choose from. It may include edibles, tinctures, skin care products, hair products, capsules, and the most common, CBD oils. So, before we get through with its benefits and details, we first look at what the CBD oil is.

CBD or Cannabidiol Oil

CBD Oil Benefits: How CBD Works As A Therapeutic Drug
CBD Oil Benefits: How CBD Works As A Therapeutic Drug

As said earlier, it is one of 104 compounds in marijuana or cannabis plants that belong to the Sativa species. CBD has both therapeutic and medicinal benefits that are suitable for physical and mental health. It is because it is considered a non-intoxicating component. Since it doesn’t have psychoactive properties, it doesn’t cause a “high” or euphoric feeling, not like its cousin THC.

CBD products that include oil has no traces of THC, one of the compounds that can also be found in the plant. This compound is responsible for the “high” or psychoactive substance that usually can be found in marijuana strains. The extracted CBD in cannabis or hemp plants that both belong to the Sativa family are diluted with a carrier oil. It is the methods that are also used to extract hemp seed oil or coconut oil. Some manufacturers use industrial-grade CBD extracted from hemp plants as it only contains less than 0.3% THC.


How CBD Oil Works

CBD Oil Benefits: How CBD Works As A Therapeutic Drug
CBD Oil Benefits: How CBD Works As A Therapeutic Drug

ECS is a complex system that is responsible for managing specific body functions. It includes sleep, mood, memory, and metabolic processes like balance. According to recent research, CBD products such as oil believed to improve different types of health conditions. Most of these health conditions are caused by the deregulations of the endocannabinoid or ECS. It was discovered through various studies, and research about its effects on the body, and most individuals don’t hear it until recently. This system varied different reactions in different parts of the body, but it is all about internal balance or homeostasis. It is the receptors in the brain that controls pain, mood, movement, emotions, appetite, memories, and thinking that is found in the immune system and does affect inflammation or pain.

Endocannabinoids cause the intoxicating feeling of euphoria after intercourse or in the long run. Thus, natural acts like these stimulate the endocannabinoids that make an individual feel “high” and is a happy feeling which can hardly feel no pain. Both THC and CBD serve as external stimulants with similar effects in the body system. It can cause various reactions to different body parts.

How Long Does CBD Take Effect?

CBD Oil Benefits: How CBD Works As A Therapeutic Drug
CBD Oil Benefits: How CBD Works As A Therapeutic Drug

Most individuals or patients use CBD oil with the help of a dripper. This type of ingestion is new, and establishing its exact dosage is still on the process. However, the precise time of effects is hard to tell. It has different reactions to different people from various rates and ways. Some individuals may notice the changes within a few seconds, and some will notice the effect weeks after. If they take it for pain and inflammation and doesn’t see improvements within a week, they can increase their dosage. Still, they should consult their doctors first.

As the extensive study and research are ongoing, there are no reports and cases of overdose. Moreover, there are few side effects from consuming CBD oil, making it overdose almost impossible. Most manufacturers and companies will provide instruction with estimated dosage intake. CBD will have more of its therapeutic benefits if taken in a smaller dosage in 3 to 4 days than taking in a large dosage. However, they should remember that CBD oil can react with other medications such as opioids and steroids. So, they should always consult their doctors first before trying this natural medication.

Different CBD Oil Benefits

CBD Oil Benefits: How CBD Works As A Therapeutic Drug
CBD Oil Benefits: How CBD Works As A Therapeutic Drug

Various studies prove CBD can provide medical and therapeutic benefits for patients. So far, here are some medical and health conditions that CBD oil can help:

Pain Relief and Inflammation

CBD has a lot of benefits, and this includes pain relief and remedy for inflammation. Those who suffered from chronic pain can significantly benefit it, as it helps reducing it through the endocannabinoid receptor activity of the body. Thus, this has been proven by a research study. CBD can also reduce inflammation due to various reasons and interacts with neurotransmitters. Researchers conducted a study in which they used rats as their subject, found that CBD injections proved that it is more effective than the surgical incision, in terms of pain response.

Other studies also found that oral CBD treatments on rats reduce their sciatic nerve pain and inflammation. There are also studies on several individuals with chronic illnesses that CBD oral treatments are more effective for treating pain-related conditions. Hence, due to the combination of CBD and THC, and it includes ailments such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

CBD Oil Benefits: Depression and Anxiety

CBD Oil Benefits: How CBD Works As A Therapeutic Drug
CBD Oil Benefits: How CBD Works As A Therapeutic Drug

These two disorders are common in most cases; however, they can lead to severe results that affect the overall health of an individual as well as his well-being. According to WHO, depression is the most significant contributor to disability in the whole world. On the other hand, anxiety disorders are placing ranked 6th. Both conditions are treatable by pharmaceutical drugs that can cause different adverse side effects. It includes dizziness, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, agitation, and migraines. Moreover, benzodiazepines that are common prescriptions can be addictive or can lead to substance abuse.

The use of CBD oil has promising results for treating depression and anxiety. For those reasons, many individuals with those conditions become more interested in CBD products. It can help reduce anxiety-related behavioral disorders such as:

  • General anxiety disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Substance-abuse disorder

In depression, the use of CBD oil has been seen to reduce depression as it enhances both glutamate and serotonergic signaling.

CBD Oil Benefits: Can Aid Treatments of Heart Illness

CBD Oil Benefits: How CBD Works As A Therapeutic Drug
CBD Oil Benefits: How CBD Works As A Therapeutic Drug

Heart illness or ailments is one of the growing medical issues across the globe. This disease is one of the primary causes and reasons for death in the US. For reducing this type of disease, a healthy lifestyle and diet is a top priority for those with the condition.

In 2017, a study conducted by researchers remarked in which stress causes blood pressure can be prevented by taking CBD. Two groups were given stressful events that could affect their blood pressure. The research includes nine male volunteers that were given a small dose of either placebo or CBD. It is both before and after the given stressful events. The other group was treated with CBD, and the other was a placebo. It turned out that the group given with CBD has resulted in lower blood pressure compared to the other group. 

CBD can help by reducing the following conditions:

  • Cholesterol levels
  • Stress-induced cardiovascular response
  • Blood pressure
  • Artery blockage
  • It can also help prevent oxidative inflammation and stress that are both associated with heart disease.

CBD Oil Benefits: Fighting Certain Types of Cancer

For those individuals that are fighting cancer, CBD can provide help by relieving the symptoms and pains. Research and studies are still in its early phase on the role of CBD in treating cancer. 

According to ACS (American Cancer Society), CBD oil can help to slow down the growth and spreading of cancer cells. Thus, it can even help in the prevention of spreading the disease based on the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. The research and study proved that CBD could suppress the growth of cancer cells and even destroy them.

Can Fight Addiction

Using CBD oil can help those individuals to overcome their addiction or withdrawal symptoms. There was a review published in 2015 that determines the CBD may have effects on those with drug addiction. It includes cocaine, psycho-stimulant, and opioid addiction. They also found that CBD can help those with tobacco and cannabis addiction. The researchers have found different proof that CBD can block or reduce THC effects on the brain.

There is also a study that found smokers who use inhalers that contain CBD, smoke tobacco than usual. Those individuals also didn’t suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as a craving for nicotine. Still, the findings point to the possibility of CBD that can help reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Treating Skin Conditions

CBD Oil Benefits: How CBD Works As A Therapeutic Drug
CBD Oil Benefits: How CBD Works As A Therapeutic Drug

Several studies show CBD oils can help treat skin conditions such as eczema. Using CBD oil can also regulate the production of skin oil that helps reduce acne problems. A study in 2014 found that CBD products such as oil can help lower sebum production. It is partly due to the CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, which can be a future treatment for acne. Not only it has anti-inflammatory properties, but also CBD has Vitamin E in which can help in nourishing and protecting the skin.

Can Treat Type 1 Diabetes

As said earlier, CBD oils can help combat inflammation, and this includes Type 1 Diabetes. This condition was the result of the attack by the immune system, the pancreatic cells. Research published in 2016 found that CBD can ease the inflammation in the pancreas area, and it can help reduce inflammation. The same goes as well with a paper released in Lisbon, Portugal. It can even protect and slow down the development of Type 1 Diabetes.

The research of potential benefits of CBD oil and other products are still ongoing. Thus, this means there will be various therapeutic benefits CBD can still offer in the future. However, CBD’s safety is not yet apparent, but studies recommend that it can give a safe and potent natural remedy. Again, they should always consult their doctors first, as they all know the proper treatment for those medical conditions.

The information above should not be considered a medical recommendation. The content is written to enrich the reader’s knowledge. Any use of materials and content mentioned in this article should be first consulted about by a physician.