Simple Home Office Guide To Overcome Coronavirus Blues

Corona Virus

The current condition has forced all the people around the globe to take certain safety measures in order to be safe. Office goers stand a high chance of contracting and spreading the coronavirus among many, due to their workspace and schedule. In accordance with the current condition, renowned companies, like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Spotify, to name a few, have made it mandatory for the majority of its employees to work from home.

With the current contagious nature of the deadly Coronvirus, it will be practical to adopt the “work from home” structure, at least for the next few days. According to the current reports of the World Health Organisation, the coronavirus has reached the ‘pandemic’ status, which has forced millions to carry out their work from home. People prefer home office over going to their workspace to prevent infection and be safe.

Since carrying out a home office can get boring and tiresome, this article will guide you to work from home in an interesting and hygienic way. We will also discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of working from home that will help you to carry out your work efficiently.


Tips to Deliver Results While Working From Home

Simple Home Office Guide To Overcome Coronavirus Blues
Simple Home Office Guide To Overcome Coronavirus Blues

Enhance Your Communication For Home Office Work

Irrespective of the current situation, the key to work from home efficiently is to have clear communication with your boss and co-workers, knowing your work, and what is expected of you are extremely important.

Most of the people having a home office spend most of their days in close proximity with their boss and colleague building effective and easy communication. However, if you are linked with remote work then it is all dissimilar since communication breakdown is more probable if your place of work is not used to remote working. In such a case, the manager may not be equipped to manage people virtually.

Nonetheless, even those who are used to working from home may feel a bit shapeless or lonely. Statistically, around 78% of the people having a home office and carrying out their work from home suffer from loneliness that can make you feel unproductive and less motivated. Hence, having proper communication with your boss and peers not only helps you to enhance the efficiency of your work but also to prevent loneliness.

Simple Home Office Guide To Overcome Coronavirus Blues
Simple Home Office Guide To Overcome Coronavirus Blues

Not Neglecting It As An Alternative Job As Home Office Can Be Very Helpful

There are, nevertheless, some of the timeless tips to talk about. The home office gives you a lot of liberty to spend a lot of time at your place but that does not mean you spend all your time lounging around. It is very important to give your work from the home equal weight as compared to working in a professional workspace. You should get ready and treat it like a proper job so as not to feel unproductive.

Even if you do not have a proper home office, you can always create a small area dedicated to your working space. This can help boost your productivity and will help you work efficiently. Proper equipment can positively affect your way of perceiving your job and you will take your work more seriously.

Therefore, lying in the bed with the laptop will only make you feel lazier and less productive. Trying something more deliberate can fix a lot of the problems that you may face while working in your home office. This also helps others, who live with you, to understand that you are working that creates an important boundary between your work and family. It is important to segregate your professional and personal life since this will help you to give proper attention to both.

Simple Home Office Guide To Overcome Coronavirus Blues
Simple Home Office Guide To Overcome Coronavirus Blues

Avoiding The Feeling Of Isolation

Initially, the transition may take some time for you to adjust. A sudden change in the working environment, even with the tools, may leave you with some struggle to get used to the change. There are always types of working from home, namely short-term and full-time.

According to a survey conducted, there are around 7% of the population that are full-time remote workers. The coronavirus pandemic has made people work from home and it is not known how long will this continue. This poses an additional issue to people who are not used to working from home. The schools and colleges are closed, as well, that makes parents feel difficult to work at home with their children around. If this isolation is stretched for a long time, it can have many negative impacts on people.

This is when you must try to bond virtually with people to prevent isolation. You can always have a virtual pizza party where you can chat over video calls while you enjoy your pizza. You can also make use of happy hours where people can dial in and share a cocktail online. Using such unconventional ways of socializing can significantly help you to prevent isolation to some level.

Advantages Of Home Office

With the ongoing circumstances of the coronavirus outburst, people are put to work from home. The term is not as bad as it seems, here are some of the advantages of working from home.

Simple Home Office Guide To Overcome Coronavirus Blues
Simple Home Office Guide To Overcome Coronavirus Blues


Working at your home gives you the flexibility to follow your own schedule. You can take breaks at any time you wish to and you don’t always have to ignore your family. This gives you the time to finish any household work that was pending.

Customizing Your Working Environment

Your home office can be designed and decorated as per your choice. You can personally set-up your own working environment suited best for you. This helps stimulate your productivity and efficiency.

Wear Your Own Choice Of Clothes

Unlike the conventional way of wearing formal clothing in the office, you can wear your own choice of clothes as per your comfort. This helps you to be extremely comfortable while you work.

Avoiding Office Distractions

An office environment can, at times, be very distractive and difficult to work in. Also, you don’t have control over your office environment. However, when you work from your home you have all the silence you want to carry on your work without any distraction.


Working from home significantly cuts down your daily expenses. You don’t have to spend money on lunch, transportation or any other such factors. You can save an ample amount of money at the end of the month and can enjoy extra savings.    

Disclaimer: The information above should not be considered a medical recommendation. The content is written to enrich the reader’s knowledge. Any use of materials and content mentioned in this article should be first consulted about by a physician.