Weight Loss And CBD: Everything You Need To Know

Weight Loss And CBD: Everything You Need To Know

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CBD is basically cannabidiol which of one of the other 140 cannabinoids found in hemp or cannabis extract. And thanks to the recent hype and many of the actual medical benefits of CBD, people are starting to use it for weight loss.

Although we know that CBD helps us with anxiety, pain relief, and keeping our heart healthy, we still have very little evidence that it can help you burn your body fat.

In this article, we’re going to discuss what CBD is and if it can really help you achieve your goals to lose weight.


What Is CBD?

Weight Loss And CBD: Everything You Need To Know
Weight Loss And CBD: Everything You Need To Know

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the many cannabinoids we can find in a Cannabis extract. Almost 40% of all cannabinoids of a cannabis plant are CBD which has a similar number of atoms of the same kind in its molecules just like THC. However, unlike the THC, it doesn’t have any sort of psychoactive effect and as s result, it doesn’t make you feel high. And that’s because it has a different molecular structure than THC and binds differently with our endocannabinoid system or ECS.

CBD binds with CB1 and CB2 receptors of our ECS and creates a certain chemical reaction that reduces body pain, anxiety, inflammation, and does a host of other things.

CBD effectively stops reduces the rate at which our body’s anandamide breakdown which is produced by our brain. As a result, it stays within our system for a long time and helps us get relief from pain and accelerate our brain’s activity.

Also, CBD has the ability to influence the formation of cytokines which reduces our body’s inflammation. And different clinical studies have proven that CBD can be a medicine to treat depression effectively.

However, we still have a long way to go with CBD as we don’t know the full extent of its effect on our body. But can it help us with weight loss? Let’s figure out in the next section.

What Does Science Say About CBD’s Connection To Weight Loss?

Weight Loss And CBD: Everything You Need To Know
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After several clinical studies of CBD’s effects on human bodies, scientists have found that CBD might help us solve some of our metabolic issues. According to the research papers, CBD can help us burn fat in three main ways. It can turn our white fat into more healthy brown fat. Then your body can easily burn those fats through thermogenesis.

Some experts also claim that CBD’s interaction with our body’s ECS and cannabis receptors like CB1 and CB2 has a lot to do with fat reduction and weight loss. If we state that briefly, then our bodies CB1 and CB2 receptors make sure our body stays in balance or in a homeostatic state.

And CBD’s interference only acts as a catalyst for the cannabis receptors’ activities. As a result, it regulates our body’s metabolism and helps us burn fat to stay in a good state.

There are a lot of CB1 receptors which are associated with the fat cells. So, that’s why some experts think that there must be some connection between those cannabis receptors and our obesity. And the application of CBD may help us in our pursuit of weight loss.

How CBD Might Promote Weight Loss?

There are a lot of different ways CBD might help us to lose weight. While we still have a lot of research and human studies to do, we do have a hint of how CBD might help us in our current pursuit.

Below are the top three ways CBD might help us lose weight:

It Boosts Your Metabolic Rate And Decreases The Food Intake

Weight Loss And CBD: Everything You Need To Know

According to the previous studies, CBD has the capability to give a boost to our metabolism and reduce daily food intake. And this is hugely beneficial if you’re looking to reach your weight loss target.

In a few studies, the scientists applied CBD to some animal’s body. They found that this CBD goes on to interact with the CB1 receptors of their brain, CNS, and lymphoid tissues. And interaction with these organs or systems can promote weight loss as CBD boosts the metabolism in the animals. In turn, the animals have shown to intake less food than before. This ultimately leads to weight loss.

In another study of CBD on rats, scientists used different amounts of CBD and injected them inside those rats’ bodies. And the result was truly marvelous. That’s because the rats lost some weight with higher CBD doses led to more weight loss.

However, unlike how we take CBD, scientists injected the CBD into the animals’ bodies. So, how it would affect the animals if they took CBD in oral form is yet to test.

But no matter how promising the results are, we still lack the critical evidence of CBD’s effects on humans. So, we would definitely need to do more clinical studies and dig deeper before taking any sort of final step.

It Might Promote Fat Cell Browing

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Our bodies have mainly two distinct types of fat. One is the white fat and the other one is brown fat. The white fat is the primarily dominant kind of fat and it stores a lot of energy which it releases when we need it. Also, it stores inside our body and works as a cushion for our muscles and other important organs.

However, if our body has too much white fat, then it can cause us many different kinds of chronic diseases. For example, an excess amount of white fat might cause several kinds of heart diseases and diabetes.

Meanwhile, our body’s brown fat is primarily responsible for creating body heat by burning more and more calories. As a result, it promotes weight loss. And one of the most notable facts is that relatively healthy people have a greater number of brown fat tissues than the people with obesity.

And you can turn your white fats into brown fat by doing some exercises, staying in cold temperature, or by having a sound sleep for 7-8 hours.

However, the good news is that CBD can help you speed up the whole brown fat conversion process. In a study, the scientists found that CBD may affect some genes and proteins to accelerate the brown fat formation process.

But that was a test-tube study and whether it will work on humans or not is yet to test.

People Who Use Marijuana Seems To Have Lower Body Weight

Although this is strange, people who regularly used marijuana in some form normally weigh a little less than those who don’t use marijuana.

In fact, in a clinical study consisting of 50,000 people, we found that those who consumed marijuana for a year have a 14-17% obesity rate. While those who didn’t use cannabis at least 3 times a week have a 22-25% obesity rate after a full year.

As marijuana has around 40% CBD, so it’s quite likely that CBD has something to do with the weight loss. But due to a lack of medical studies, we still don’t have any conclusive evidence to fully support that. But overall, we know that CBD, along with other chemicals of cannabis extract affect our appetite, metabolism, and promotes weight loss.

So, Is It Okay For You To Try CBD Oil To Lose Weight?

Weight Loss And CBD: Everything You Need To Know
Weight Loss And CBD: Everything You Need To Know

While it’s true that we don’t have any conclusive evidence that CBD will absolutely help you lose some weight, it definitely has other health benefits. And on top of that, unlike marijuana, it won’t even get you to feel high, so it’s safe to use.

Although it doesn’t help you lose weight directly, it can work as a great supplement to keep you healthy. It will make you feel more energized and reduce the soreness you might feel due to exercising. So, if you use CBD, you can have a goodnight’s sleep and then go for a good exercise.

So, yes, you can use CBD to lose weight. But it will work best if you use it while following other weight loss tips. That way, it’ll work the best.

In The End: Use CBD For Weight Loss

CBD has many health benefits and pharma companies are introducing different variants of it to solve different kinds of health problems. And as a result, many companies also advertising it as a great supplement for weight loss.

While current studies may suggest that CBD can help you burn fat, it’s still far from being conclusive. Yes, it’s true that consuming cannabis has proven to reduce the chances of suffering from obesity. But the results are not that impressive. So, we can’t say for sure if CBD alone can help you burn your fats or not.

But until we have more conclusive evidence, it would be a good idea to see CBD as a complimentary supplement that will help you lose weight along with other fat-burning methods.

Did you use CBD to lose weight? Let us know your experience in the comment section.

Disclaimer: The information above should not be considered a medical recommendation. The content is written to enrich the reader’s knowledge. Any use of materials and content mentioned in this article should be first consulted about by a physician.