Acne Treatment And CBD: Can CBD Really Treat Acne

Acne Treatment And CBD: Can CBD Really Treat Acne

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Acne is one of the major problems many people, especially teenagers face that can be a serious deal-breaker and significantly sinks a person’s confidence. It’s common in teenagers but people of different age groups are not immune to acne’s sudden breakout too. And on top of that, normal pharma products and acne treatment medicines might leave serious blackheads, spots, or other skin related issues.

So, how can you tackle acne and keep your skin glowing and spotless?

Recently, scientists have conducted many clinical studies to find how CBD works on our skin. And the best part is that it has provided many positive results. Plus, many people all over the cannabis-legal states are using skin products with CBD. So, can we use CBD for acne treatment too?

In this article, we’re going to find out what causes acne and how we can use CBD for acne treatment.


What Is CBD?

Acne Treatment And CBD: Can CBD Really Treat Acne
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CBD or cannabidiol is one of the many types of cannabinoids found in the cannabis extracts from hemp or marijuana. However, because of the high amount of THC present in marijuana, companies normally prepare CBD from hemp extracts.

And as it has a very little amount of THC, CBD that comes from hemp extracts does not have any hallucinating effects and it doesn’t get you high. In fact, after several clinical research, scientists treat CBD as an alternative medicine with the potential to treat over 40 different diseases.

CBD has many medicinal properties including anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety properties without any psychotropic effects. Therefore, many medical experts are using and recommending CBD to cure different health problems such as diabetes, epilepsy, depression, and more. Also, more and more people are adding CBD to their diet to stay fit, active, and lose weight.

But can CBD help us in acne treatment? Before we explore that, let’s see what acne is and why it really occurs?

Why Acne Occurs?

Acne Treatment And CBD: Can CBD Really Treat Acne
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We all have sebaceous gland underneath our skins that secrets a special kind of oily substance called sebum. After the secretion, sebum comes to our skins through pores and hair follicles and keep our skin from drying out by making it moist and smooth.

However, the sebum does more than just keeping our skin moist. Our hair follicles constantly try to get rid of dead skin cells which are flushed out from our inner skin by the sebum. But too much dead skin cells can block our skin pores. As a result, bacterias get nourished inside those blocked pores and rapidly increase their numbers. This, in turn, results in inflammation around the blocked pores which causes all the acnes.

But there are other ways in which acne might occur too. Let’s see some of the other ways acnes occur in our skin:

  • Sometimes, the excess amount of dead skin cells might cause an excess amount of sebum release. This later results in pore blocking, extremely oily skin which accelerates spot formation on the skin.
  • We all have a little number of bacteria situating on our skin and in normal circumstances, they’re quite harmless. But when the pores get blocked, the bacterias get the sebum trapped in it to nourish. Which in turn leads to inflammation and acne formation.
  • Sometimes, an excess amount of hormone release may also be the cause of acne formation. When we go through puberty, our bodies release an excess amount of androgen that enlarges our sebaceous glands. Therefore, the glands secrets excess amounts of sebum which causes acne in teenagers.

How CBD Might Help Us With Acne Treatment?

Acne Treatment And CBD: Can CBD Really Treat Acne
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CBD works to treat the acne by directly acting on and stimulating our skin’s endocannabinoid system or ECS. And according to many clinical studies, CBD helps in acne treatment in three major ways. They are:

  • Now we know that one of the main reasons for acne formation is the excess of sebum production. And this happens because of our body’s own endocannabinoids such as anandamide which stimulates the CB2 receptors and makes the sebaceous gland overly active. CBD has shown to have the lipogenic action of those endocannabinoids which helps us regulate the sebum production and treat acne.
  • CBD or other cannabidiol products have strong anti-bacterial properties. As a result, using CBD products will help you wipe out most of the bacterias inside the sebaceous glands and blocked pores and treat acne.
  • Also, CBD has notable anti-inflammatory properties, which in turn, treats the pro-acne inflammation and helps us get rid of them faster.

Also, according to recent researches, CBD has the properties the change some of our DNA structure and form new genes. And researchers have found a total of 72 different anti-acne genes which might help us prevent acne from coming back to us in the future.

But can CBD help us treat acne scars too? What about the bodily acnes? Is it as effective on the body acnes as it is on the facial acne treatment? Well, we’ll find out below:

Will It Help In Acne Scar Treatment?

Just like the clinical studies of the CBD’s effect on acne, several scientists also studied if CBD can help to heal acne scars or not. And fortunately, the studies give us a light of hope. According to a group of scientists from Italy, CBD-infused hemp oil can hugely improve the condition of the skin covered in acne scars if the patient uses it for 3 months.

When the CBD comes in contact with the skin or reaches the endocannabinoid system underneath it, it activates an anti-proliferative effect that forces the cells to change and reconstruct in their natural formation. This combined with its anti-inflammatory effect has the potential to treat the scars that cause because of the acnes.

Can It Help In Body Acne Treatment?

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If you’re wondering if CBD can help you with acne scars or not, then we have good news for you. And it works the same way it works on the acnes of our face. Our limbs and bodies have more sebaceous glands than our faces. As a result, they’re more prone to acne-breakout than our facial skin.

But just as we have mentioned earlier, CBD can suppress the excess amount of sebum release and stop the bacterias from flourishing. This, in turn, will significantly help in bodily acne treatment and stop the bacterial infection.

How To Use CBD Oil For Acne Treatment?

While you can use CBD in many different ways, but when it comes to acne treatment, some ways like topicals work best and give the fastest results. In all the methods, the CBD eventually interacts with our bodily receptors and tries to suppress the acne-causing problems. In this section, we’ll see some ways to use CBD oils to treat acne and live a better life.


If you’re looking to treat acne using CBD, then using the topical method will give you the best and probably the fastest results. Nowadays, there are many legal creams, lotions, and other skincare products that are infused with the right amount of CBD oil. You can also add your CBD oil to your lotions and creams after talking to your doctor.

The CBD oil of the creams and lotions penetrates the outer layer of your skin fairly easily and reaches the sebaceous glands and nearest ECS. And this helps the CBD to act faster on your acnes and treat them quickly.


Acne Treatment And CBD: Can CBD Really Treat Acne
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Although topicals are the best method to take CBD for acne treatment, If you have any kind of daily limit set for the CBD consumption per day, then capsules are the real lifesaver for you. CBD oil capsules come in different strengths and contain a precise amount of CBD starting from 25 mg per capsule. The effects of these capsules generally last up to 8 hours and you can precisely control your daily CBD consumption too. This makes it one of the best ways to treat acne without the risk of CBD overdosing.


Vaping is another way to make sure CBD enters into your bloodstream fast and start its effect. When someone takes CBD through vaping, the CBD vapor quickly reaches down to their lungs. And from there, the CBD vapor instantly mixed with the bloodstream and reaches the ECS and sebaceous glands to treat acne.

Also, when you take CBD by vaping, you’re just taking the heated CBD and not the burnt CBD. So, you won’t have to worry about any other toxic chemical production as unlike smoking, vaping is totally safe.

Other Methods

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Apart from those previous big three ways to intake CBD for acne treatment, there are other effective ways to take CBD too. Here are some alternate ways you can take CBD to treat acne:

  • Vaping is not something you personally like, then using CBD oil like tinctures is another great way to get it to your bloodstream fast. Just put a few drops of CBD oil on the back of your tongue and keep it there for a minute. After one minute, your tongue’s blood vessels will absorb most of it and then you can swallow it.
  • You can also consume CBD by adding a few drops of it to your drinks like coffee, juice, or tea. You can also mix them with your snacks and other food. Also, you can add CBD to your baked goods.

These are some ways you can safely consume CBD. However, before you start using CBD, make sure to consult your doctor to make sure it doesn’t badly interact with your current medications.

Conclusion: Use CBD For Acne Treatment

Although we don’t have as many clinical studies as we would like on CBD and its effects on skin yet, it surely has shown the true potential to treat skin diseases including acne. It has proved itself to be a great skincare solution and it can be effectively used in acne treatment in the future.

Many people are already using CBD with their regular food right now for better skin health. However, if you’re on regular medication or consuming some sort of medicines, make sure you talk to your doctor first. CBD is a great alternative treatment option for acne. So, once you get the green signal from your doctor, dig into it.

Are you already using CBD? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section.

Disclaimer: The information above should not be considered a medical recommendation. The content is written to enrich the reader’s knowledge. Any use of materials and content mentioned in this article should be first consulted about by a physician.