OilBuffs Community

What Is OilBuffs?

OilBuffs is a community made up of voluntary scientists, researchers, and activists who want to make CBD products available to the millions in need of them. More importantly to create a reliable, trustworthy source of guidance that serves as a platform to inform whoever needs, wants, or is interested in this wonderfully simple oil that can replace dozens of drugs to treat so many health issues.

We realized so many people are wildly ill-informed about this topic. People believe things that are completely untrue and get information misconstrued giving the oil a bad rap. Even worse people who could be living better lives with the use of the fitting supplement aren’t educated enough about the effects and ultimately end up making poor decisions. There is a MAJOR lack of information and have decided to do something about it!

CBD And Health

The number of health issues and diseases cannabidiol can treat or even prevent is growing from day to day thanks to recent researchers’ discoveries. That means millions of people would use 1 pill or drop and swap it out for the dozens of prescription drugs their medicine cabinets are littered with. Anyone can see how this doesn’t look so promising for the very large pharmaceutical companies. Their interest is to SELL drugs and with the industrialization of cannabidiol and cannabis based supplements, their sales aren’t looking so good. This might give you some insight on why the media has been so against these in years past.


Needless to say within every new unregulated market there will be someone looking to make a quick buck on the buzz. It seems as if every other Monday there’s another new brand out to take advantage of the hype. Chronic pain, anxiety, depression, diabetes, and many other health issues push people to this not so new oil, and for good reason. It’s been shown to avidly benefit people very early on in treatment. The biggest problem today is to establish which brands are trustworthy and don’t have any false labeling.

Grow Awareness

It’s no secret that the market for CBD is wildly untapped due to restricting legalities on the matter. More importantly, these laws are restricting people from obtaining CBDs benefits, ones who could truly benefit from them. A large reason is due to lack of knowledge and awareness of government officials, doctors and the general public regarding consuming a drug that is created from the plant which is considered a psychedelic all over the planet. Our plan is to get as many people first aware of this movement. By increasing the awareness to the consumer and allowing him to understand that oil is not a drug but a good substitute to many pills and drugs we can create more demand from governments and pharmaceuticals to create healthy competition and expand the market in order to supply the best quality oil at reasonable prices. there are only a handful of products worth buying from brands worth trusting and until our community has grown strong enough we have dedicated our team to go out and research the market to present to you our top-rated brands and products.

False Drama

The general public has a false image in mind when regarding health and anything derived from cannabis. This image prevents it from being accepted as a “cure” and more of a psychedelic by-product. This lead us to the creation of OilBuffs.com. The researches and the testimonials we will present you will change your perspective towards the oil and if you already understand that CBD oil can benefit the society, join our community and help us raise the awareness.